Headway Wirral is a local charity that works to improve life after brain injury.


Through a range of frontline services it provides support, services and information to brain injury survivors, their relatives and carers.  They work closely with health and legal professionals and provide guidance on such matters as social services and financial support.


A brain injury can have devastating consequences for individuals and their families, affecting every aspect of life. Although we all think 'it'll never happen to me', a brain injury can affect anyone at any time. When it does, we're here to help.


The most recent NHS figures indicate that there are over 800 people in Wirral alone with ABI. When families and close friends

are included, there are many thousands directly affected.


Headway has a saying that individuals don't get brain injuries, families do. Headway Wirral has support Groups three days a week and provides counselling and signposting to free legal and benefits advice. Headway Wirral receives a small Local Authority Grant. However, most of the money needed to provide this service is obtained through private and public donations and through events such as the Dragon Boat Festival.

The Dragon Boat Festival is Headway Wirral’s single biggest fundraising event of the year and has become instrumental in their continued service to the public of Wirral. This will be our fourth year and our aim is for it to continue to grow and to raise much-needed funding. The focus of the event is all about having fun, and past years have indicated that that is what you will have as a participant. As with any 'race' there is a competitive edge, with some teams taking it more seriously than others! However, the focus is on taking part and enjoying yourselves, whilst at the same time helping a good cause.


The Headway Wirral Dragon Boat Festival helps to raise much-needed funds each year and is vital to our being able to provide frontline services like:


  • Support groups/ drop in meetings in 3 locations on The Wirral

  • A Carers Support Group

  • Fortnightly Information/ support signposting day  for families at Wirral University Teaching Hospital Neurological Rehabilitation Unit

  • An Emergency helpline 0750 6975261

  • Information and support

  • A dedicated website


Training courses to improve knowledge and understanding among professionals working in and outside of the field of brain injury

information sharing with other public bodies such as the police and local medical practitioners


For more information on Headway Wirral, the brain injury association please click here.